Wietse Zweitze Venema

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Current life

I am a Google software engineer, based at the New York office, currently working on Binary Authorization for Cloud, and Software Supply-Chain Security.

Many people know my name from the Postfix open source mail server, and from the Coroner's Toolkit, written with Dan Farmer, primarily for the post-mortem analysis of computer break-ins. I wrote these at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, in the USA, where I worked as a security researcher until 2015.

Older widely-known software includes TCP Wrapper, and SATAN (written with Dan Farmer). I wrote these while I lived in the Netherlands.

I was inducted into the ISSA hall of fame in 2012, awarded the 2008 Free Software Foundation award in 2009, an IBM technical accomplishment in 2007, a Sendmail innovation award in 2006, the NLUUG Award 2000 in recognition of outstanding achievements for the users of UNIX and Open Systems, the SAGE 1999 outstanding achievement award, and the security summit hall of fame award in 1998.

Previous life

In a previous life I studied physics at Groningen University in the Netherlands, where I did my Ph.D. dissertation on work done at the KVI.

I spent 12 years at Eindhoven University, the Netherlands, as systems architect at the Mathematics and Computing Science department. For 8 years, part of that time was devoted to writing tools for automated translation of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messages. The result of this effort lives on under the flag of Descartes.

Private life

Weather permitting, Annita and I take weekly breaks for riding our bicycles or for walking up and down one of the many hills in the region.

Contact information

Email: wietse@porcupine.org

PGP public key: wietse.pgp

Dr. W.Z. Venema
Google Inc
111 8th Avenue
4th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Time zone: USA EST, which is 6 hours behind central Europe.

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