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On July 19, 1998, Wietse Venema received the Security Summit Hall of Fame Award "for most significant contributions to Internet security."

The Security Summit was an invitation-only conference, organized by Loretta Cheswick and Dan Farmer, and located in the home of Bill and Loretta Cheswick on July 17th-19th, 1998, in Bernardsville, NJ, USA. About 30 world-famous people spent three days in discussions and presentations.

The award is a bronze-colored statue of about 30 centimeters (12 inch) high, on a pedestal of another 45 centimeters (18 inch). The image on the right-hand side shows the upper portion; click on the image for a complete view. The statue is in Wietse's office at work and makes quite a conversation piece.

It's awards like these that make one feel proud and embarassed at the same time.