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On November 9, 2000, Wietse Venema received the NLUUG Award 2000. The citation, translated from Dutch, is as follows: "In recognition of outstanding achievements for the users of UNIX and Open Systems."

The NLUUG is the Netherlands UNIX User Group, an association of the users of UNIX systems and related open systems. The NLUUG issued a press announcement, with more information about the award and about the NLUUG. A Dutch version is on-line at the NLUUG web site.

The award was presented at the NLUUG fall 2000 conference, after Wietse presented a keynote presentation on the persistence of information. Here's a pointer to the conference programme.

The award is a transparent plaque of approximately 6x11 centimeters (2.5x4.25 inch). The image on the right (click to enlarge) shows what it looks like as seen by a flat-bed scanner.