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On October 25, 2006, Wietse Venema was awarded the Sendmail Milter Innovation Award, "for extending support for the Milter protocol to the Postfix MTA".

Sendmail is the mail system that inspired Wietse to develop Postfix. Milter is the name of a Sendmail protocol for plugging mail filters into a mail system. Support for this protocol was introduced in Postfix with version 2.3.

The award was presented at a Sendmail 25-year celebration event on November 15 in London, UK. Wietse was unable to attend the October 25th 25-year celebration event in California due to travel elsewhere.

The award is a heavy slab of crystal glass of approximately 22x19x3 centimeters (8.75x7.5x1.25 inch). Click on the image for a larger view.